Am i missing some information?

is it possible that the servers don’t suport swf or actions script ?
ive constructed my first web site…and im going crazy, cause the swf don’t read the dynamic content in the ftp ( .txt , .jpg files). the master fla is embebed in html…wich is the index…, the site works well in my computer, and wen i click the index directly from the ftp…works has well…, but wen i put the address in the browser…the site loads, but the dynamic content doesn’t. am i missing some information…
these are some action that are in the swf…

function loadFrame() {
_level0.myMCL.loadClip(“frames/frames” + curFrameNum + “.jpg”, this.framesMC);
_level0.myLV.load(“frames/frames” + curFrameNum + “.txt”);
this.framesMC._xscale = 100;
this.framesMC._yscale = 100;

can anyone give me some clues about my problem!!! tanx

What sort of server are you using?

im using a free host server
the supor php and mysql…they should suport swf

by the way here is the site
where appears undifine is where the txt should be loaded!!!..