Amazing Race Starts Tonight

8:00 on CBS.

You better shakes fist :pope:

thoes things are awsome to watch, i dont think i could ever make it through one of thoes

I dont’ know the whole concept of the show pissed me off os i never watched it. It is supposed to be a reace but it is acutally a bunch of little races. I’ dont’ kow i jsut dont’t like how htey have to stop and wait for every one then elemitante the last ppl then go to the next spot and start over .

It would be cool if it was just go go go fro mstart to finish. break if you need to but some one might pass u. Kind of liek the eco chalange.

I think it is all a set up…

same with Survivor, and most of the other “reality” tv shows…

JMO, maybe Phil is having an effect on me :trout:


Ya Serviovor seems more set up every year. This year it seemd every single thing that was expectedto happen didn’t. Like the fat this person needs imunity to screw things up and guess what they got it. Things liek that especialy in the last couple episodes.


I hate reality TV

I hate you all.
why are you dumping on my beloved reality tv :frowning:

i dont like most of it, but i love american idol! i will watch it tonite cause i never really did but it always kinda looked cool

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8:00 on CBS.

You better shakes fist :pope: **

C…B…S? Huh? :wink: