American TV


Im interested in knowing what American Tv is like? How many television channels do you guys have and if you have any Australian TV shows over there? Are blockbuster movies easily shown on normal tv or on cable?

depends…you got your basic cable…like 60 channels…average tv shows, old movies, all the good parts/bad words edited out…

then you have your premium/digital cable: 100-400 channels…sometimes more…sometimes less…you can score some good channels with that, IE…HBO, Stars, CINAMAX so on…you can usually watch decent unedited movies with these, also in most cases an option of PPV, or pay per views…you pay $2.99 or so that can be billed to your cable bill or credit card…and you can watch the latest movies that are out on dvd or video…you aslo get many versions of eac channel, like hbo2, hbo3, stars2, stars3, stars4…mtv2, and so on…but sometimes these cost more, depends on the provider too…

then ye have the satellite, pretty much like digital cable, except sometimes you can get more channels, but sometimes it’s hard to get local channels.

I don’t know of any aussie shows…

this is kind of vague…who wants to elaborate?? :whistle:

most people get basic cable which is between 50-80 channels. there are basically always movies on (especially if you get premium channels). no foreign programming really with basic cable, except for one spanish channel.

normal tv (free) is usually like 6-8 channels. they have movies on every now and then.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen any Australian shows…

crocodile hunter!

He’s Australian, don’t know if the show is too :sure:

No, actually you’re right, krikey!

There’s no Aussie shows afaik. no “Neighbors”, no “Home & Away” and definately no friggen “Prisoner Cell Block H”…


There’s no Aussie shows afaik. no “Neighbors”, no “Home & Away” and definately no friggen “Prisoner Cell Block H”…


hehe i know man, I never watch them.

the best channels on usa tv. are HBO,SHOWTIME,STARS.:slight_smile:

I have about 80 channels, and it’s called basic plus where I live. It doesn’t include the movie channels (HBO, etc.), but it includes all of the other channels.

I don’t think there are any Australian shows that appear here :slight_smile:

no foreign programming really with basic cable, except for one spanish channel.


Let’s not forget all of the shows that are imported from England. They’re mostly on PBS, but Comedy Central recently added the Graham Norton effect to their roster. And let’s not forget Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Mystery Theatre, Blackadder, The Office, Tellytubbies, broadcast of the House of Commons, that pathetic waste of time Banzai!, and a lot of other shows.

Just because you don’t watch them doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

i’ll give you graham norton, trigger happy tv, mxc, and banzai. so there’s a handful.

i don’t usually think of pbs because, well, how many people really watch pbs (aside from little kids)?

just because i watch graham norton, trigger happy, and mxc on a regular basis but forgot to mention them doesn’t mean you have to be arrogant.

Theres stuff like “Keeping Up Appearances” and “Eastenders” on PBS occasionally too.

Mostly shows that are so old they make us brits look backward-compatible with the rest of the world. :smiley:

My (American) wife got really into Eastenders (long-running brit soap opera) while we were living in the UK. When we moved to USA, we were amazed to see it in the tv guide the first night there. Unfortunately, the episode was 3 years old - and still to this day, Eastenders is 3 years behind the current episodes in the UK.

and yeah, Graham Norton and Ali G are recent additions to US tv, and rightfully so :slight_smile:

I watched all the episodes of Are You Being Served, but I’m not sure if it still comes on PBS anymore though.

TV just sucks. Its all advertisements and product and movie tie ins to every show you watch. I feel like it’s gotten worse in the past few years, so I barely watch it anymore.