An Earl Experience... advice needed

Has everyone heard of the show ‘My Name is Earl?’ Well, something has been bugging my conscious for a long time so I’ve decided to fix it - just like Earl.

You see, about 10 years ago (when I was very young and stupid) me and some buddies stole boxes of twinkies from the back of a hostess truck and we totally got away with it. The next day or so, the local newspaper reported the dollar amount of stolen goods to be much, much higher than we imagined. Ever since then, I’ve felt horrible about the whole thing but was unable to correct the problem (for various reasons) until now.

My dilema, however, is that I don’t want to reveal my identity to the Hostess Cake company (yes, maybe I’m a little paranoid). So, I’ve devised the following plan:

  1. Pay them back, with interest, with money orders. Money orders do not require the payer’s signature and they’re safe to send via the post office.
  2. Send the money orders via the post office in an envelope without the return address.

Anyhow, my simple plan still leaves a few questions (and I want to be absolutely sure I do this correctly so I don’t just end up wasting my money):
[]Can I make the money order out to the ‘Hostess Cake Company?’ I don’t really know if this would be the correct way to submit money directly to the company itself.
]Mailing a letter without a return address is okay, isn’t it?[/LIST]Any responses to my questions or advice will be greatly appreciated.

PS - I’m serious…