An embarassing HTML question

[size=1]So here’s my page:


(no criticism please, its barely begun!)

Here’s my sophomoric question:

I want to create a table that is auto length, about 300px width, BUT im trying to make it have EQUAL padding in the browser on the top and the left sides. this probably isn’t making any sense, im sketching it now and will upload. sorry if this is the wrong forum, i couldn’t find an HTML thread… btw, i want to do this so i have a nice little white rectangle for content and the rest of the page with some sort of background image… simple, i know, but - only learned flash at school, never html. don’t ask why.

here’s the sketch:

ps - i often THINK i have it, but the top and left are always a little different… weird. anyway, help would be appreciated. thx! (big love)

:snug: - mark (decisionman)