An unexpected issue I have working as a web designer (am I alone?)

The problem is, getting so sick and tired of looking at the same website all the time and wishing it was done already just because of that. With one project in particular I don’t like the style too much but I’m taking creative direction from them. Every now and then I will just delete or change some of the graphics, just while working on it so I won’t have to look at it anymore while working on other things with the site. Even for sites I do like the design of, I can only be nose-deep in it for so long because it’s so tiresome, looking at the same ■■■■ thing all the time.
Which is one reason why from now on I guess I should to make it more clear to clients to get me all the content right away so I can work on and finish the project quickly, but not rushed, so that it doesn’t drag on. When I’m staring at the saaaame design all the time I think it diminishes my creative energy which isn’t good. Is this known to be a common problem for web designers? I’m um, kinda new to all this