Analog Clock Design

Can anyone tell me how design an Analog Clock:

I am attaching 2-3 models.I want the same type of design,
ie:Circular shape.If anyone of you know this and have time,plz respond.For more than a week I am struggling with this…please…:crying:

What exactly do you need? Code? :slight_smile:


Here’s probably the hardest part of the whole thing to figure out;

_hourLine.rotation = 30 * time.hour + 30 * time.minute / 60;
_minuteLine.rotation = 6 * time.minute + 6 * time.second / 60;
_secondLine.rotation = 6 * time.second;

I think it’s from the design pattern book, I have no recollection of making it, but here is one ugly example using above code to move the lines;

I want design an analog clock using ActionScript 3:The attached pictures are some design.

You’ve been pointed very much in the right direction… now you need to take what sekasi has told you and put it together. If you aren’t used to movieclips, or scripting in general then I’d say take a step back first, become familiar with the basics and then have a go at getting something like the clock to work :slight_smile: