Analytics question

A few years ago I put out a game on mobile app stores, every so often I still see a small spike in downloads and i can usually find a video, website, or tweet that was the cause.

what do people use to identify sources of general web “buzz” about their products? If I ever finish my next project I’ll use something like Google analytics.

But I assume thats not something that’s going to directly find a post, youtube video, or tweet right? At the moment I just search Google very so often and manually look for stuff.

Like you are already doing, manually searching through Google is the only thing I can think of :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing I’ve tried to do is create custom redirect pages on where Google Analytics is available. This is a blank page that (besides having Google Analytics on it), redirects users to a destination URL. Any external presentation or link that I post somewhere else, I can point to the local link and have that redirect me to the final destination.

That could be a solution you can use in the future!

Kirupa :slight_smile:


I wasn’t sure if there was some obvious software or service had missed out on