And the number one reason why Tacos and Cigs dont mix


I’ll remember that next time I light up a, oh yeah, I don’t smoke.

it’s best to be careful not to let farts fly when smoking :stuck_out_tongue:

I could just imagine this guy driving down the freeway covered in… well, you get the idea.

eww, thats just wrong…portajohns are scary enough as it is…

The potty exploded Tuesday when a buildup of methane gas mixed with the lit cigarette, said a spokeswoman for Monongalia Emergency Medical Services.


thats the worst thing ive ever heard. I bet you he stinks for a good 3 months.

I feel sorry for all the sick, nauseous people in the hospital who were waiting in line to be treated before he came in :frowning:

I feel sorry for the doctor that had to treat this guy: “Sir, you think you could wash up a bit?”