Animate Picture?

I have a picture of a bronse coin, similar to a half dollar, but with custom markings on it for a specific company. So far, I have taken a picture of both sides of the coin laying flat on a table using a digital camera.

My goal is to incorporate this coin into my web site by hopefully animating the coin to spin, move, etc. within a flash banner or somewhere on the main web page. My first approach was to convert the image to a windows wmf or emf file and use something like Xara or Ulead Cool 3D. However, I could not get this to work. If I can get an image of the coin from the side, I can build mutiple sequences and use something like Ulead Gif Animator. I eventually want to use the image in Flash, so I can add light ray effects, shadows, etc.

I would really appreciate any comments or suggestions on this question. Thanks!

This is just an suggestion.

Make a coin like object in 3ds Max and apply the coin texture to it.

Take it flash and put it in Movie Clip and so that you can play with that.

Thanks for the suggestion. I didn’t look into any 3D modeling applications because the coin is actually a real metal coin that a company is using for marketing purposes. The coin displays information about the company, like contact information, achievements, logo, etc. This would be very difficult to reproduce with a 3D application.

set your coin up on its end with some sort of rotatating table base. photograph and rotate it every 15 degrees. photoshop out the background and it should work fine. if you have some sort of animated or complex background image in flash you could try importing the finished images as transparent gifs.