Animate XML Nodes problem

Hi all.

I am having a problem with XML and Flash.

I have been able to display xml using flash, and also navigate or cycle through nodes in an xml file.

However I am in need of animating the xml nodes, and this is where my problem arrises.

Once the xml file is loaded I then need to animate a title, description and content.

I dont know a way to do this, I have at first tried masking, but when it comes down to actually doing it I run into all sorts of problems.

I would have assumend that once the xml is loaded I could simply add key frames and animate the text fields onto the stage but for some reason it does not approve of this.

It does work however if I animate them all at the same keyframe, this one animation, but individually animated it does not work, is there a way of doing this, any examples would really help me out now!