Animated Flash Banner

How do I make a banner such as this one and make the pictures fade in and out while looping a music clip. Then, if you reload the page, some other song plays?

Any help would be highly appreciated! I have a project that really needs to get done!

hmm… well that’s a lot of stuff to do… “how do you?” is a big loaded question. I realize you probebly don’t mean it that way though.

Secondly I’ll say… don’t ever make me look at a backstreet boy’s banner again.

none the less I’ll try to help a bit.

How much experience have you had with Flash? What chu know howda do?

I have virtually no experience in Flash but I really want to create that effect.

Ouch! my eyes! (and ears for that matter)

I think the effect was created using simple alpha level tweens. The sound object was created using a bit of basic action scripting. There was another post very recently on image fading, and the sound tutorial on this site should help you with the music.


Would you happen to know which post that was?

In in the Best of Kirupa forum.

pom 0]

The posts in there are all pretty vital to a newbie. Take a look around at a few of them. The posts of my own that I’ve been choosing to stick in there have had some pretty detailed explinations of the basics of Flash.…2886.topic

Check that link it explains how to fade images in and out with alpha.


You are completely and utterly awesome, Niann!