Animated Mouse trails (as 3)

Hi. I’m new to this site, so forgive me if I’m confusing in my request.

I have an assignment due next week and I’m trying to go ‘above and beyond’ by including a fancy mouse trail animation (a random drop of a movie clip that trails behind when you move the mouse). I have looked EVERYWHERE and I can only find information to do so on Actionscript 2, but I need to do it in 3. If anyone could help me out, I’d be VERY appreciative. Keep in mind this is a low level class so I have a basic understanding of what I’m doing but not that great.

My teacher has failed to go over using actionscript files, but I think I’ve figured it out… kinda… so if I need to do it that way, I can.

I wish I had some base coding to post, but everything I’ve been able to gather off the web hasn’t even come close to working, so I’m just going to say I need to start from scratch. I have the site built, and I just need this trail!