Animated preloader that changes during the precent of load

I have searched hi and wide for a tute that shows how I can create an Animated preloader that changes as the percent of the load fills up. I saw a nice example someone was asking about here about ikea and a crayon but I could not really follow it and it was not really basic for my stupid sellf :stuck_out_tongue:

I have this

I just want to control the dots as it loads, or like a glass of water filling up to the level of 100%., Another example is this sites same design of te little wheel

But I ust want to know the code and method behind it so I can make it far different …

From my reading of my books I see that something like

if { byte size = 10% gotoAndPlay ()
else gotoAndPlay(

Or it would be

if { byte size = advance framesPlay
else keep looping…

The second one would be like the water in a glass, the water would fstart to fill up but untill it reaches the next gotoAndPlay it would keep inside a loop of frames of the water waves wiggeling, eg: exampes…

Anyway I could be soooo oh off wrong in this methods, i am not a coder but I know I have to learn actionscript to get anywhere in flash for dynamics :frowning: