Animating Stripes in CSS

For the past few weeks, I’ve been playing on and off with animating stripes in CSS:

They way these stripes are created is by relying on CSS gradients. Animating them is fairly straightforward-ish. The first four rely entirely on CSS animations for their moving and sliding. The last one, the one with the circular stripes that zoom outward, is a bit different since we are animating gradient stop positions and swapping colors. Two things that can’t be done in CSS, so we had to fallback to JavaScript. I’ll probably write in more detail about all of these at some point, but in the meantime check out the following resources related to this example:

Reply below if you have any comments or questions about how it was built.

Kirupa :slight_smile:

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I cam here to see Bill Murray & John Candy, fun stuff though. :smile: