Animating text on a path?

I’m surprised you can’t do this in Flash still?! How does one animate text on a path in Flash? You know how you can drag the text along a path by its handle in Illustrator and Freehand? Why not in Flash? Is there a plug-in? Can I make even one sentence without a question mark?

*<:D Scottie

There isn’t a way to do it like in Illustrator that I know how to do. I do know how to use Motion Guides though. This is where you can draw a shape with the pencil tool and have an object follow the path as tween on the path you drew with the pencil.

If you dont already know how to do that and are interested I will see if I can explain.

Thanks for responding, I know all about motion guides and it is not close to the effect I want. Can one even create text on a path at all, with a plug-in maybe? Then maybe with the text on a path it could be manually animated along another duplicate path guide.


I knew it was nothing like what you wanted, but ya know, it was a good thing to know.

You can animated text on a path with lots and lots of actionscript, but I don’t know how that works yet.

If worse comes to worse you can just create your text on a path in Illustrator, export it as a .swf and import it into Flash.