Animation competition for kids

Hi all,

I’m supposed to teach children how to create a 1 - 2 minute Flash animation based on the theme ‘A drug-free tomorrow’. It’s part of an anti-drug campaign and these kids have to send in the movies for a competition. The kids are equivalent of 5th graders in my country. Personally I’ve had quite a bit of experience in Flash application development but never really created full-length ‘story animations’ before. I’m not an animation kind of guy, but more on Flash actionscript and transition effects. Hence, I’m rather stumped about where to begin.

I’m thinking that it will be VERY hard for 5th graders to understand all the complex animation techniques in Flash. Most of them have not touched Flash before so it will be a nightmare teaching them about layers, symbols in the first place. Hence I’m thinking of making a set of library symbols which will contain some of the common images they might use. Ie, figure of man walking, mouth opening and closing etc, clouds moving in the sky, cars, looping weather effects like rain etc. Is this approach wise? What other ways do you think I can use?

Another thing is the storyboards. I suck in terms of story ideas. Can someone point me in a direction?? :trout:

Will appreciate any feedback/suggestion