Animation Problem

In an animation I’m working on, I have a scene where it zooms in on the faces of the two characters. To do this, I enlargened everything and moved it all slightly to the right so that all you could see on the main screen were their faces.

Strangely, though, one of the characters decided it would be a better idea to not only neglect to enlarge, but also to send all of her bodyparts off in random directions (she consists of about 20 layers).

It should be noted that the other character was perfectly co-operative - and yes, he’s still about 15 layers.

Does anyone have any ideas why that may have happened?

I tried redoing the same thing, in case it was a fluke, but it seems to be consistent.

my guess is that some of your drawings were not converted into symbols…or flash was just acting weird.

Right, totally forgot about that factor.


Scaling is odd. that’s for sure. It seems that objects are scaled dependent upon other objects that they are inside of. So, if everything were scaled during creation, on one of the images, while not in the other, it might make this effect when you are scaling the object real time in the project.

Despite the pain in the butt involved in such a thing, I would suggest recreating the offending object from scratch.