Annoying access problem!

Hiya all,

I have found that I seem to have an odd issue trying to access my movie clips from within an if statement … hopefully I am just doing something really silly that is easy to sort, but I have been baffled all weekend.

function setupBrowser(){
    if(mvNumOfVids > 5){mvCycle = true;}
    for(var i=0;i<mvNumOfVids;i++){
        var thismv:MovieClip = multibrowse.mvholder["movieThumb"+i];
        if(mvThumbs* == undefined){thismv.backupimg._alpha=100;}
        thismv._xscale = thismv._yscale = 60;
        thismv._x = 100;
        if(i == activemv){
                                    bob.text+= multibrowse.mvholder["movieThumb"+i]._x;
            bob.text+= multibrowse.mvholder.movieThumb0._x;

basically my text field returns ‘undefinedundefinedundefined’.
I can find multibrowse.mvholder._x or pretty much anything else, but never the clips I need to access. These clips are accessed by the code before the if statement though. I have even tried to assign the movieclip to a global and call this from the If statement, but I still get ‘undefined’

Any help would be much appreciated!!!