Annoying Hit Counter in FRONTPAGE

Okay using frontpage I inserted a hit counter.
I thenuploaded the site but when I look at it all it shows is
[Hit Counter]

instead of any numbers. There are plenty of tutorials saying that this is because the server needs to allow some microsoft bot thingymagig but there are also very brief ones on what to do if you don’t.

I guess I need some kind of file in my private folder that stores how many hits hhave occured that the hit counter looks to. But how do I do this!!!

Hey Monsterkepating,
Does your Web server support the FrontPage Server Extensions? Components such as the Hit Counter require the FrontPage Server Extensions to be installed. You might have to check with your host if they support it.

Yeah I knew about that, I guess if it doesn’t work then my server doesn’t have the FrontPage Server Extensions installed. But sites said that if this was the case then I’d have to do some other way to get it to work but no one described what this illusive way was!

The other way would probably involve using a 3rd party counter such as’s counter. There are numerous sites that provide free hit counters that you can display on your site.