Annoying problem with preloader

i’m sorta new to this flash world so don’t laugh if the answer to my problem is simple or very obvious:D .

i’m creating my first full flash site. and i want to add preloaders to my external .swfs. the problem is that when you load a .swf, the preloader bar doesnt show. it gives you a blank screen while it waits to load. if you’re lucky, you can glimpse the bar appear at 98%, if you wait a while, then finishes loading. it gets frustrating when people tell you you’re site doens’t work when in fact it does, you just have to stare at a blank screen instead of a preloader before the actual .swf is loaded, and there’s nothing you can do to fix it(or at least it seems).

i’ve tried every preloader. i’ve used the one that’s ready made from the flash components panel. i’ve made my own from the kirupa tutorial. and yet it doenst work. even when i try to preview my preloader that i made in the bandwith profiler, it still doesn’t show. this is my [url=“”]site. (keep in mind that it’s still under construction and that the last three links aren’t up yet.) on the home page you can catch a glimpse of the preloader, but it’s the ‘games’ and the ‘media’ section that have the problems, since they are big .swf and take a while to load compared to ‘home’

please help me.

Hey Chanman, welcome to the forums :wink: Your not doing anything wrong and if your coding should be ok but the reason why you see nothing until it appears at 98% is that your feeding too much data in the first frame for the preloader to load itself. If there are buttons, movieclips that need to be loaded before, push it back to 3rd or 4th frame of the timeline.

thanks a lot MINIMALISTIK