Another AS newbie in distress :(

ok so here it is…

i have hover captions, however, when u click on the button the button is going to move to a new location, in which i will need a different hover button.

maybe i’ve completely screwed this up but the button is in the same mc and the hover caption is in the same mc. both mc’s have been placed where they belong on scene1.

what i wanna do is ask if the button mc is on frame 1, then have the hover mc to gotoAndPlay(2). (that part is actually working just fine). THEN i need to ask when the button mc is on frame 8 to tell the hover mc to gotoAndPlay(11).

Here goes the “code” attempt: ("_plus" is the button and “_more” is the hover):lol:

on (rollOver) {
    if (_root._plus._currentframe < 8) {
    else {