Another button problem

Ok, so I’ve tried all the tutorials I could find on this, and consulted my flash 4 bible on it (close enuff to flash5), but every tutorial i try to follow or copy doesn’t work at all, or doesn’t work out like in the example. Mostly because of incomplete information.

So here’s my problem:

I want to create an animated button with an imported image that goes something like:

  • up = just a static image
  • over = imported image button starts shaking
  • down = an animation follows, resulting in the action that was desired by clicking the button.

I can’t even get past the “over” stage of simply getting the movieclip of the shaking animation to work in the “button over section”.

I’m pulling my hair on this one :crazy:, please help me out!

cheers! :wink:

well you’ll have a few things to make up this button. Namely a movieclip to ‘be’ the button. In that movieclip you’d have an invisible button to make up the clickable area (a button with only a hitstate frame) and then go to different frames of the movieclip based on how you interact with that invisible button.

the movieclip:
frame 1:
top layer: invisible button (hit area only)
bottom layer: the static image

frame 2:
top layer: the same button from frame one - extend the frame to reach frame 2
bottom layer: new keyframe - the imported image as a movieclip and its animation (shaking)

frame 3:
… the downstate… whether the image is contained within the button I dont know… that depends on your setup… the button from before is probably going to be carried over to help with the interactivity too unless you want to press it then not have any more button actions until the animation stops…

The invisible button you give actions like
on rollover gotoAndStop(2)
on press gotoAndStop/gotoAndPlay(3) (again depending on setup)


thanks for the reply, however, bare in mind that you are teaching a complete and utter n00b, so I really need explanations to be very specific as I’m not familiar with most flash terms.
Here’s what I am trying to achieve exactly:
I want to have my webpage starting with a screen containing nothing but a patch of grass on a black background (i have that picture already) and a watering can placed on the grass in the middle. Now, what I’d like to make happen, is when you move the mouse over the watering can it starts shaking indicating that something can be done with it. Then, when you click the shaking watering can it proceeds to move to the left where it will water the ground that will cause a tree to grow ,basically setting up the website’s options. So it’s a bit of an intro. I’ve been able to create a simple button now, and I can animate stuff pretty nicely frame by frame, but to combine the two to make l33t animated buttons continues to elude me.

ok, I got as far as creating the effect of the “over” state. The wateringcan now trembles when I move the mouse over it.
I still need to know how to make the “down” one work as well.
The down state basically requires to perform an animation and stop at the end, no looping. I want the wateringcan to bounce to the left of the screen (i got that working, but not inside the button) and then water the ground there, resulting in another animation. Any ideas, please help me out cos I feel I’m so close to making something really cool!:crazy: :hangover:

help a desperate website nub?