Another Cent popup prob

Hi to the forum. I hate askin questions that have been asked a thousand times before, i’ve searched and i couldn’t see any topics to do with my problem.

Firstly, i used the tutorial which is brilliant.

It works spot on when the direct link to the file is given. Problem is, when I try to get it to work on the address it wont work. Now i’ve had problems before with some other code on the splash screen, something about the name provider places you site in a temporary frame because my server space is not with them.

Direct Link www

Click on the fourth grey square “web” and then one of the small icons under “flash”. A swf should load, if you click the large icon the centrered pop will load.

But if you click the forwarding address and do the same it wont work.

Has anybody else come across this? is there a work around? I really needed this aswell because of a job i’ve applied for :beer:


[Edit] I’ve changed it so it opens a new browser window, never mind lol [/Edit]

Hey! I like your menu. Feels like an equalizer graphic :mu:

design tip (if you allow me): in the popup window’s close button, move the text “close” to the left of the X button. Like this, the “close” word wont be hidden by the user’s mouse cursor.


problem tip: the problem might be on the ISP’s server software, not on the domain itself.