Another desperate scene question

I have a menu that stays the same throughout, with 5 buttons which take you to different scenes (home, music, bio, artwork, events).

When you click on a button, it takes you to the relevent scene, however there is an “outro” to each main scene, currently written in a seperate scene, so each has an intro, main page, and then an outro scene.

All in all there are 5 intros, 5 main scenes, and 5 outros.

It’s got to the point now where the menu buttons need to take me to one scene, via another (the outro).
For example; I am at “home”, click on “music” and it takes me to the music intro, however on exiting the home page I want it to play the home outro
I have a feeling that I am doing this the wrong way, and that the answer is really simple.

I don’t want to have to create different buttons for every scene, as you can imagine.

I thought about putting the outro for each main scene in the same scene - at the end, and maybe there’s a way that when releasing the button, it can to you to a frame within that scene, and then to the next scene.

Anyway, I think that’s made clear what the problem is, and I’ll marry the person that tells me how to get round this (hope this doesn’t put you off).


David Brent.