Another Drop Down Question... Sorry

Hi, sorry everyone it’s another question regarding the Drop Down Menu found in the Flash MX tutorial section.

I’m having problems with programming the buttons that are embedded into the ‘Menu’ movie clip to target back the main scene.

For instance when I push the 2nd button on the drop down menu I want to jump to frame 15 on the main timeline. So I go into the ‘Menu’ movie clip and embed this code into the 2nd button:

on (release) {

Nothing happens :-/

However when I use the same code on a different button not associated with the drop down menu and located directly on the main timeline, it works.

I believe that the button does not know that I want to target the main time line and instead targets the ‘Menu’ timeline…

I’m kind of a newbie at flash and I’m trying to create a portfolio site for an application that’s due by the end of next week so any help would be greatly appreciated.