Another Dynamic Image Border

I have a dynamic border with a loader and buttons and whatnot. It works for the most part, but when the images have not loaded on the persons machine before, there is an occasional glitch preventing it from displaying properly(the border shrinks to nothing, the loading bar goes to aobut 10px, etc.)

Here is the gallery thing (only 1 - 11 are uploaded)

Here is the FLA -->

I assume it’s some kind of issue with loading, as in resizing before loading properly or something…but to me the code looks fine. The big problem with this error is it’s extremely hard to troubleshoot as i have to upload the SWF, and clear my cache everytime. :-\ I WOULD LOVE SOME HELP! :-o

If you tell the boarder to resize to roughly the same proportions of the image then this should eliminate that problem e.g telling the _x & _y position with height and width. Would it be easier for a boarder not to re-size/ instead do a batch conversion in photoshop (or what ever image editing software you have) to the same sizes this can solve another problem. As for the loading bar im afraid i cannot help you in that.

Actually, looking back. Can you tell the actionscript to make a small preloader just to keep the user amused once an image-thumb has been clicked. Once the image has been loaded tell AS to resume with the rest of the scripting. By creating a new symbol (movie clip) run link to the relevant clip and this will preload and load the image. You could apply the image boarder and other bits within the movie clip.

Hope this helps