Another Free Logo Thread

Hey guys and gals,
I know there’s already a thread or fourteen on this subject, but I just started graphic design school and I’m going to be looking for employment in the Graphic Design field within the year so I really need to start working on a strong portfolio. So if you’re looking for a logo, let me know. Give me some information you had in mind or just let me do what I can and force me to use my brain. It may take a couple days for me to come up with something but if you think you’ll forget about the thread feel free to include an e-mail address or just ask me to PM you so I can let you know when it’s done.

These are free of charge, and they should be of decent quality. If I present you with something you don’t like just let me know and I’ll work on another design. If someone sees a design they liked that was rejected before I’ll modify it to their needs.

So yeah, I need practice, and you need free stuff.