Another fullscreen flash question

Hi guys,

I’ve read the tutorial about making full screen flash sites
and also searched up some previous threads.

But i have some other questions about the full screen flash pieces.
I want to be able to place my non scale-able items on the stage at certain locations, like menu to stick to the left corner, and maybe a character that goes to the extreme right. Is that possible for the auto adjusting 100% w/h flash can place them accordingly? Also for the things i want to scale, maybe my pattern bg, or line… Must i actually do it out ultra big in the first place out bleeding my stage to achieve that? Or is there a way i can just make it auto stretch or repeat endlessly so in case there is a guy with 5000*5000 screen, he still can see the full screen of pattern or just that line i have going all the way from left to right…

Many thanks!