Another globalToLocal() Q --

Hello –

I also suspect that I need to be using some manner of globalToLocal or localToGlobal …

I have two maps on a screen, one underneath smaller and one on top larger.

The top map is masked so the two maps should move and synch up at a specific co-ordinate point to show the country the user clicked.

I have used setInterval and a move() method to get the two maps moving smoothly … this is fine.

BUT — I cannot control the maps to always align on the correct country when the user starts to toggle the country text links which fire the movement of the two maps…

Please help me if you can. sure this MUST have something to do with localToGlobal reading the bounds of the stage and then making the movement occure relative to the stage or container clip’s x/y 00 points.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.



ok, if it moves means that it is really working inside and this must be a very small problem. the _x and _y are always relative to the _parent clip.maybe you are having truble because you are calling one clip relative _x from another clip… or making a wrong relation…