Another IP thread

Hello again everyone,

I know I’m probably gonna regret this, but I wanted some expert opinions on how my flash site is coming along.

There are still multiple things that I need to do/fix (i.e., putting colour in there). :smiley:

So please don’t be too harsh - it’s still a work in progress! :ne:

Here is the link.
EDIT - the preloader is stopping in the middle of its load - and I can’t find any reason why. Just right-click and click “Play”. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah - hopefully it isn’t but I am thinking it will be very laggy on other computers. crosses fingers.

And a couple questions while I’m at it - on my hover captions, when I use attachMovie, the caption always starts out with coordinates of 0 and 0, and then it sees the this.newClipName._x = _root._xmouse afterwards.

Also, I’m having trouble getting variables that I have declared in a loop or a function and using them in level0. Is there a decent resource explaining this?

Thanks again! :hugegrin: