Another "is it possible?" question

Does anyone know of a way to do a good motion blur without using photoshop?

Imported images take forever to download…

I’ll say. I made the words motion blurr into a, well, motion blur. Simple and quick but not inexpensive. 2.3k ouch


eyes peeled for replies on this one tho
cool effect

I guess if your ultrashock, these things wont bother you. There is a minimum of a 999k download everytime you hit a button in that site. yipes. ouch.

Wrong topic.

Whats the address?
And I saw an amazing tute in the advanced section @ for something is even cooler than you described. Check it out. Its the one with the words that rolls and get larger according to the mouse and its location, then when mouse goes away they drop back down to ‘normal’
awesome effect, but you could do it…


Maudit ! I misplaced my last post. OK, so I’ve got the FLAs, tell me if you want them.

This one is done exclusively with actionscript.
OK, I’m desperately trying to put it as a fotter, but it won’t work.