Another preloader question(fla linked)[mx04]

I’m using an preloader for external swfs based on Kirupa’s tutorial and I’m running into problems. After one external swf is loaded, and you press the next button, the swf that is already loaded jumps from the place it is sitting, to a different area in the movie. When the next swf loads it moves back to behind the transition mc (called stage_mc).
I know this has something to do with the way I’ve had to set up the container that is holding the swfs, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to fix it:
I have the movie clip ‘content’ set up like the tutorial, and have it placed on the main timeline.Because the swfs are all different sizes they need to be positioned and scaled to to fit in the area of the main movie that it belongs in. I think if I could just dynamically attach the content mc that it would solve the problem, except no matter what I try I can’t figure out how to apply the code that is on the content mc to it if it’s not on the stage.
I appreciate any help anyone can offer. Thanks:)