Another problem regarding loadVariable - html links

Hello again dear Flash mastas programmas,

Here’s the situation:
I load a variable from a txt file.
The dynamic text box has html turned ON.
All characters are embeded.

Here’s the problem:
In the txt file I have a text that contains an html link:

myVariable=Hello! This is my text! Click <a href=>here</a> to visit my site!

However the swf displays everything up to “Click” ie before the link:

Hello! This is my text! Click

And that’s it. I heard that Flash can recognize a simple html command like <a href> but this seems odd to me… Why isn’t this working?

ahh… you’ve run into the deadly “escape” problem. Flash does recognize html links, but if you’re taking things in from a txt file you need to escape some of the characters that you are using. I’ll see if I can find out how to do that for you. It’s not too tough… it just requires you to remember a couple things when constructing the text files.

OK, I’ll just wait here until you find that out…

Say, aren’t you happen to talking about the html/httpencoders? like when instead of a space it’ll say something like %20 and like for other character it’ll be something like %4F or whatever?

Do you mean that I need to use such code to write the <> ?

exactly that sir. You so smart.

I’m not sure where a list of those is, but they should be the same for Flash so if you know em, use em.

Yeah, I got a web-based encoder.
But it doesn’t work. Still the same problem.

I switched the < and > by %3C and %3E, which are the corresponding codes but it still doesn’t work…

What am I missing here? Am I suppose to use this code on the entire variable???

hmm… I’ll have to play around a little before I can figure that out. I’ll be working on such things tonight sometime… maybe I’ll have an answer by monday

Just in case : Are you sure the textbox is long enough ? Did you put the multiline on ?

pom 0]

Yes, I tested it with other text (that doesn’t contain links) and everything works fine.

I know that the <a href> is the problem…

In my humble opinion, all you need are " and" around your url; this:

&text_2.text=<a href=“”><font color="#ffffff" size=“30”>Acces direct aux tutoriaux</a> - Apprenez, copiez, modifiez, utilisez…</font>

works perfectly for me…(never mind the french words :wink: )

I’m finding that to be true also. Eyezberg is right… you don’t have to do that url encoding.

I’m not sure why you’re isn’t working. look for bugs in the a/s

Hey, it’s working with the “”! Thanks Eyezberg!

Man, I gotto tell ya, Flash really handles with html in a very weird way!