Another question on importing bitmap images

In Flash 5…am I able to animate only part of an imported bitmap image?..example, image of guy holding a ball and I want to make the ball spin in his hand. How do I do this? First of all I dont want to convert it to a vector image… Do I still break apart the image first and then cut and paste the part i want to animate to another layer?..somehow I think Im doing the wrong approach. HELP thanks Nath

well, if you can find a gif, you can import it and flash severs the gif into individual frames.

I would try to edit the picture in a photoshop type program, to take the ball out of the picture… either save it as it’s own picture, or recreate the ball in flash using those tools.

It is true that you cannot animate small sections of a raster image without some serious work.

Thanks guys…im on it! hope it works!