Another question, transparant background?

Is it possible to make your background transparant, eg. i have some buttons and between them there’s some space. My website has a texture as background an when I use the same texture by drawing a square filled with this texture, then it looks like the borders are cut of. So… can I?

go to publish settings–html–window mode and select “Transparent Windowless”\r\rexample here:\…lflash.asp\r\r-brian a monkey

FYI:\r\rI have been doing Layer and CSS coding in a ASP page to place flash and some external images over Flash, but Flash doesnt let you place images on a higher z axis. So I made Flash transparent and showed the Image under flash.\r\rIt hoses IE browsers left and right 5.0 5.5 and 6.0\rNetscape 6.1 works fine.\r\rBut I was controling the placement of Flash with DHTML.\r\rjust letting ya know its wacky.\rCode is avail upon request.\r\rTC

hmm you’re saying that transparency works on NN… ahhh, I’m in heaven… I’ll have to look into that now.

code would be much appriciated cleaner.\rMaking a simple flash for an escort site, it’s gotta be transparent tho (d’oh).\rYour code would help out a whole bunch…\r\rwoo! n thanks