Another question

I am having trouble setting an action for a button, I am trying to assign a button to scroll a picture down from the top of the screen. I am trying to make a photo album and I’m trying to asssign a button so when you click it it scrolls a picture from the top of the screen and if you click it again it just scrolls to the next picture. can someone help me???


You need to use variables, one counter which will go +1 each time you click your button, and the photos you scroll should be named with a number, so the button can then say; scroll(photoCounter) down. To make them scrollable, you need to enclose your photos (each one) in movieClips. The button will then (using a loop and another counter) change the clip’c _y property (you need to ADD 1 or 2 in each loop runthrough, as y=0 is the top of the movie).
Can you figure it out from here, or do you need the scripts done?

If its not to much trouble you think you could write the script for me. I’m not an avid flash 5 user so I’m not too familiar with script writing. If you want I could even send you the whole file so you can edit it so it does that effect. If not it would be helpfull if you write script for me,

thanks again


Ok, go ahead, I’ll see what I can do: [email protected].
I’ll be home the next two days only, if I get it done, I’ll send it back, otherwise you’d have to wait a week…can’t promise…

Well to tell you the truth the .fla file is 16mb large! I dont think I can send it to your address, so I dont know I guess if you could just send us the script threw this forum that would be nice. thanks alot