Another rollover question:( noob

I mainly do print design and have to create a webpage. I am using CSS and the question I have is: Is there a way to have an image act as a button and cause a rollover on another part of the page (using css preferably)? i realize there are some javascript solutions but i don’t know if they can replace an image in a location other than the button image.

i think it can be done by setting the images to backgrounds in multiple layers and then just moving that layer in front of others.

i remember seeing a basic tutorial a long time ago similar to this for a very simple gallery effect (mouseover a thumb and a larger image appears to the right) but have not been able to find anything similar or as simple.

i would hate to have to cheat and make a separate page with identical content except for the ■■■■ picture.

would appreciate any help on this noob question.

attached is a very rough diagram of what I’m trying to do.