ANother stupid pop-up-window!

There is probably some very simply coding for this and I believe it is HTML but not sure -

What I am trying to do is have a second window auto open -
For example someone goes to and there is simply a picture on this page and then without any user interaction a second window that contains my Flash movie auto opens in the center of the screen?
Any simple solution?

I have included a text file I attach on many threads here about pop ups. It is a script that will auto center your pop-up window through a link.

Since in this case you don’t want a link, I will change one rule here… use the onLoad command to launch it…

<body onLoad="newWin(page,winName,w,h,scrollb,resize)">

Thanks for the info -

Also great website! I hope everything works out for you with your schooling and finding a job in the industry.
Looks like you have alot of talent! Keep it up!

Thank you a lot :slight_smile: So far no college accepted me (no I am not a bad student [straight A’s most the time], all my high school teachers don’t understand it either).

I can’t wait to see your website :slight_smile: