Antialiasing dynamic text box

hey i have a text box reading a .txt file and is there any way to make the text read, antialiased?


Enable the Anti-Alias button. I’m not sure if you have to embed the font for this one, but it wouldn’t hurt.

norie from wher you got this Icon… i don’t have it :frowning:

the anti-alias button? make a textbox, click on the textbox, look at the properties panel, it’s right below the BOLD button.

the BOLD button

you mean bold button… in your image an icon i don’t have one like it… are you using Apple :thumb:

well i dont have that in my flash, i have Flash MX 2003…


oops sorry i guess that feature isn’t available on MX sorry, i was using mx2k4. I could have swore that it was in MX too. :ne: once again, sorry.

ok man, no problem :wink: