Any hex-editing gurus here?

Quick question:
I need to do some hex editing to update this little freeware app thingo, but I’m not sure how to go about it. In the instructions, it basically just gives me something like this:

[FONT=“Courier New”]0x43e5432e5 0x444d333e 0x12333e33
0x9d9384ei3 0x444d333e 0x12333e33
0x9383e9530 0x444d333e 0x12333e33[/FONT]

Obviously, those aren’t the exact values, but basically, it’s got a list of values, the first column are all different, but the second and third column values are all the same.

What does this mean I have to do? Does it mean I replace one string with another… or something?

I think this’d also be good to learn for my general knowledge, too.
Thanks in advance :wink:

Well I gotta see what you gotta replace or the instructions in order to tell you what you gotta do, use winhex its a great app.

Okay, after a bit of Googlin’, I’ve found a bit of info. Let me know if I’m wrong:
The first column is the offset, which is basically the line you need to go to. The second column is the existing value in that offset that needs replacing. The third column is the value to replace with.


For teh record im no hex guru, but if your instructions tell you what offset you have to modify I suggest you sue winhex it has search capabilities that can take you to any offset and you can modify it.

good luck