Any idea about special effect?

i dun have any idea on how to do an animation to image,
for example see
the spiderman picture looks animated from blur and look like moving, any idea how to do that?


its a method in which you have a blured image and a normal image then you alpha tween the blured image then tween in the normal image.

check this link…

“Motion Blur Tutorial”

hmm…this one is clearer…
you see the movie that play at left, he made it such that the man with horse is moving like flashing.
Is this also use the same way as you said?

that movie on the left was created in a compositing application like After effects… where the images and film were put together and effects were placed on them, which in the end a video file was created then and that video file was imported into flash.

:: the first link was a different story, since there was not much to the animation you can do that in flash, as the tutorial i link to you, but the second one while flash can do, would be wiser to do else-where to get the same quality.

Hope this helps

thanks soulty, is there any tutorial using image to do the first spiderman animated image ?
i don’t really mean the movie for the second one…just part of it…like when it shows the horse then suddenly the horse blur and looks flashing.

the text tutorial is the same concept, just use a image in its place.

:: and that effect can be done with flash, create the two images , (one blured, one not) set up some motion tweens, play with tints/ alpha. experiment and you should be able to get something like that.

ok, i’ll try