Any ideas on how to split a string for the third time

for (i=0; i<firstArray.length; i++) {

a piece of my code that creates a two dimensional array. I need to take this one step further and split(",") secondArray and create thirdArray

would anyone give me a hand with this or just get me on the right track?

something like…

for (i=0; i<firstArray.length; i++) {
    L = secondArray.length;
    for (j=0; j<secondArray[L].length; j++) {
        secondArray[L][j] = secondArray[L][j].split("$");


thanks man…all makes sense but the last line… can you explain ?
why’s L staying the same? isn’t it supposed to be cycling through the second array?

well I didnt know how you wanted it stored… but L just gets the position of firstArray*.split("#,"). in secondArray (the length before its pushed will end up being the index of that which is pushed). So that makes secondArray[L] the array provided by firstArray*.split("#,"). That is is then looped through and split for the 3rd time and just thrown back into the position which was, at that point, the text being split.

senocular, i’m trying to get rid of the only bug i have in my drawing API ecard. Your little application got me on the right track last night. so thanks a lot for that. I’m recording all the points and lineStyle on MouseDown. and putting them in an Array and etc. but when i’m getting the data back and recreating the points - they’re all connected - so if you put a dot on the left side and a dot on the right - there would be a line when going through the results… so i need to split an array one more time…and something tells me that i’m not doing it the most efficient way…

tell me if you have any thoughts on this…when you get a chance

//... this.onMouseDown
this.onMouseMove = function() {
		board.line.lineTo(board._xmouse, board._ymouse);
// then add ":" onMouseUp - so they're not all connected...
this.onMouseUp = function() {

this is what the array looks up to now - 9,16711680,40,43.95,71#,9,16711680,40,44.95,71#,9,16711680,40,45.95,71#,9,16711680,40,46.95,71#,9,16711680,40,47.95,71#,9,16711680,40,48.95,71#,9,16711680,40,49.95,71#,9,16711680,40,51.95,71#,9,16711680,40,52.95,71#,[SIZE=7]:[/SIZE],9,16711680,40,43.95,98#,9,16711680,40,44.95,98#,9,16711680,40,45.95,98#,9,16711680,40,46.95,98#,9,16711680,40,46.95,100#,9,16711680,40,47.95,100#,9,16711680,40,48.95,100#,9,16711680,40,49.95,100#,9,16711680,40,51.95,100#,9,16711680,40,51.95,101#,9,16711680,40,52.95,101#,9,16711680,40,53.95,101#,9,16711680,40,54.95,101#,9,16711680,40,54.95,102#,[SIZE=7]:[/SIZE]

Then i mousePos.toString() and send the string to a db


//newDrawing - var that's getting passed from the db - has all my points
//and here i'm trying to split it 2 times.

//i need to split it 3 times or maybe there's a better way
// first would be with ":" then with "#," and then with "," to get to my individual values
 // /*
for (i=0; i<firstArray.length; i++) {
while( j<finalArray.length) {
		mc.moveTo(finalArray[j-1][3], finalArray[j-1][4]);
//[3] and [4] are x and y		
//[0][1][2]-stroke,color and opacity
		mc.lineTo(finalArray[j][3], finalArray[j][4]);

i know this is huge so like i said when you get a chance i can use some help…
thanks man i appreciate you