Any Interested LOST fans?

I am going to make a the “map”, not the one off the blast door, but the one of the whole island.

I would like the map from the blast doors to appear as an “overlay” on button press, and I would like to create “hotspots” that people can click on to get pop-up boxes describing what happened at that particular location.

Considering that it is an obsession of half of America right now we could get a good amout of pub from it. Everyon wwho works on it will be credited, and I will take care of hosting and such.

I can design most of it myself, but it would be nice if a few other rabid fans wanted to help with the production phase.

PM me if you are interested, if not I guess I will go it alone.

check out forums. They have done some pretty good maps.

I have seen them, some are useful, but none are “nice”. I want to create a thing of beauty.