Any Joggers on Kirupa?

I realize this may be a stretch on forms for developers but if anyone on here jogs and if you have a moment could you be so kind as to do a quick survey I’m conducting? I’m doing research on jogging apps with the hopes of launching a new sort of app for joggers and I’m interested in seeing what people think.

Here is the link.

I walk 25+ miles a week, but don’t usually jog. Survey or no survey?


Same here. I walk but don’t jog.

I did take the survey, since I run, but if you want to make some sort of commercial connection between runners and a market not connected to running specifically, perhaps you should survey runners preferences rather than their running distance?

For example, the other day, I heard a claim that there is a difference in heavy weightlifters political views compared to long distance runners. Not sure that is true and probably a joke, but it is plausible. If so, runners might prefer other products and other flavours of marketing? Rather than coupons, they might prefer special memberships etc…

I don’t run, but I do use an exercise bike for about ~10ish miles. Does that count? (I’m kidding. I know it doesn’t :P)

Absolutely. Initially, I’m going to market my product to joggers but anyone who is on the move (walking or jogging) could benefit.

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I love to run, sadly my knees seem to not be made for concrete anymore, I can run in the grass or trails however. I love to road cycle, few years ago I rode 15,000 miles over the course of the year, last year sadly I rode maybe 1 mile. I really need to mobilize this year, last year I was mostly in front of my computer monitor. I walked 48 miles in 5 days last week on vacation, that was really nice.