Any one pls help

Can anyone help me out for how to upload… the sever and where to upload pls help me out…

What is it that you are looking to do?

Servers are aquired by you. The provider of the server will let you know, either through email or through a FAQ, where and how you are allowed to upload things to their system.

typicaly you do so with an FTP program. Some good ones can be gotten for free from

The most important thing is to find a server which will let you upload things to it. Some free ones are,

Hope that helps… if that’s not the question you were asking, please try rephrasing it. Take your time when writing out a question. Make sure that your sentences are complete, and not run on, that they have a subject, and preferably a couple of verbs/adverbs and nouns. :slight_smile:

thanks man i really have to respect for replying my message…

Thanks a lot sir…

bear in mind that I’m a pretty technicaly save person and it took me about a month before I figured out how to do what you’re trying to do, before I got it right. If you start getting frustrated trying to figure something out, take a deep breath and realise that you’re not alone in your frustration… it’s easy, but it’s not really really easy.

As soon as you’ve found a provider and an ftp program, let us know and we’ll try to walk you through the next steps.

One other thing to keep in mind, most webservers are Unix based, and therefore are case sensitive.



Are three different files so when creating links you need to make sure that you are useing the same case that the file is on the server. I can not tell you how many time I got a messed up link/pick/swf because I missed a cap or forgot to make the extention lower case…