Any recommendations for UK hosts?

Well, I’ve finally finished the designing!!

I’m looking for about 10mb webspace, ASP connectivity(for MS access database), 1 email account (web based or something where I can transfer the mail automatically to my hotmail account), web stats, and of course frontpage extentions

Has anyone got any recommendations of web hosts here in the UK? or anyone I should aviod?

Ideally, i don’t want to have to pay anymore than £50/year.

I’ve had a look at, who can provide all of the above and a domain name for £48/year, but if anyone knows of anyone better/cheaper/can personally recommend, please lemme know.

thank you all!!!

Hey dpotter,
Unfortunately, I do not know any UK hosts. Maybe try posting this question in the Server/Scripting forum - you may get more responses relating to this question.

Kirupa :-\

hmm, i am really not sure about where you could be able to find a uk host. i would try a search on google.

hope you find it

I recommend Mike Booker Web Services
I have no commercial link with him other than as a satisfied client
Croydon Surrey UK

Hi, I would actually recommend Mark ------(not telling yet). Excellent service and he does it for the fun of learning, no money goes to him. He presently has 9 people hosted (including me), and he gives you a whole bunch of features including 3 GB webspace for only $2.45 a month. Think of that in Euros! Pretty cheap huh!

check out

they host UK sites.

They aren’t located in the UK but they host UK sites. Good service. Been using them for about a year. All my clients use them and Phil uses them too…

allright allright
Mark Rawson ( has excellent webhosting for $28.95 a year (dunno what that is in Euros but the guy lives in England so he must accept em)