Any stability/reliability concerns around AS3/Flash Payer 9? [renamed]

Hi AS3 Tacklers,
I’m just getting into AS3, can’t believe how different it is! Anywho, I have a freelance project requiring AS3 with the use of the flash 9 alpha, and I’m on a Mac. They’ve built a Flex app using specific AS3 socket features not available in flash 8 (I’m told), and I’m trying to create the same app with a bit more custom interface/interactivity in flash alpha 9.

So, my question is, how stable / reliable am I using the alpha flash 9 API in conjunction w/ the 9 player. Everything seems to be working smooth, but I haven’t tested thouroughly on different browsers cross-platform. Am I to expect huge issues in some specific browser? Will this make the light of day if it appears to work great in the API and on a few different browsers?

Just a bit catious going into this and hope to get a “it should work fine” or a “event handlers are sketchy in X browser”.

Thanks ahead for any input.