Anybody know how to use Norton Ghost?

I just learned that Norton Ghost was on my computer. Does anyone know how to set it up so that i can run the Ghost and my computer would have only the settings and files that i installed. This is popular for Universities where they just run the Ghost at the end of the day, and it deletes everything that was put on the computer after you made the settings. Hard for me to explain. If i install photoshop, then put it in the settings in Ghost, then download other programs, and i decide to clear up my computer to free up space, i run ghost, and photoshop is still there, but everything else that was installed after that point is gone. Sorry about that, can’t explain it very well. Do you know where i can learn how to do this? :slight_smile:

I have never heard of that proggie before. But its features sound awesome.

we use it at work I’ll see if I can get the IS guys to run me through it and give me the manuals

:kir: Ghost :kir: is a perfect tool to run a multi Computer system because it make absolute duplicates of everything so all you have to do is just install windows on all of them and ship in the disk and you got 100 clones. my cousin loves this program. anywho i can’t really help you with it, i’m kinda getting introduced to it my self. i will see if i can squeeze my cousin of any cerebral Liquids for this work of charity :p:

Ghost doesn’t really work like that… It takes an exact snapshot of your entire hard drive and creates and image of that. So if you took a snapshot of your hard drive after installing photoshop or whatever you could basically restore the system to that point, whenever you wanted to. For the command line version just type ghost /? that should give you the list of switches you can use with the program.