Anybody know latin?

hey everyone!
just trying to translate some english into latin using online translators, but im getting loads of results (different) for the same words. ive come ended up with this so far -

aedifico per decus

if its right you could tell me what it means - and ill know for sure!

:mario: mariofan

i’m learning it i could ask my teacher she ahs like a degree in a billion ancient languages

that would be great!
for the record it is meant to say 'created with pride’
lets just hope it means that!

cheers :mario:

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Sheesh! Your a real Mario Freak eh?!

my sister is taking latin 2, heres what she has to say:

i build through land tax

she used a latin dictionary

LOL, online translators never seen to work.

from here:

I was able to word-by-word this:

Factus Per Superbia

or maybe it’s-

Superbia Per Factus

(either sounded cool to me )

but, ‘pride’ allways returned var’s of arrogance and ‘created’ was not to be found, so I went with ‘made’
… I suppose this is for a logo type-thingy ?

agricola est in villa

(man - been away from these forums for so long … I dunno if I fit in anymore)

Hey that means Vanilla Coke, right? …I can see the cola in there :wink:

i actually know a bit of latin, ive taken it for 2 yrs so far. it means “Create Through Splendor”…

BadMagick! I think you had jsut left or something when I joined. But I see your posts around, you seem real cool. Welcome back :slight_smile:

this about the first post, or somebody elses?

yeah its for my little project ‘creative pride’…

as for being a mario freak - you never seen me here before???


Hey this sounds familiar BlackMagick “agricola est in villa” I think that you learned latin from the same books as me back in the day

“in pictura est puella” sound familiar to you too? (i believe that was the first sentence in the book)